One of the activities of “VEGA-Ryazan” is the production of products from rubber, that are widely used in everyday life and various areas of the national economy due to their unique qualities. Rubber products amaze with a huge assortment. They are used in the petroleum, shipbuilding, coal, automotive industry, mechanical engineering, food and chemical industry, etc., and have almost one hundred thousand names.

Our company is equipped with advanced high-performance equipment, and produces a wide range of excellent quality rubber products. Qualified employees of the company develop and manufacture products using new materials and advanced technologies. We produce technical rubber products in the amount required by a customer, observing deadlines specified in the contract. The company manufactures technical rubber products from rubber of many brands and also manufactures parts using shapes provided by the customer or of their own production.

The company manufactures technical rubber products of any complexity at an affordable cost, as has its own molds and tooling production workshop. Product quality is checked at the each stage: from the purchase of raw materials to its release.

“VEGA-Ryazan” provides the following services:

The company also manufactures products with embedded elements: covers, antennas, buttons, inserts, handles, frames, cartridges, tubes, plugs, connectors, etc.