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Manufacture of plastic products

vega_ryazan_parts8Plastics products are now widely used in all areas of human activity. They are an excellent alternative to the products made of metal and glass, as they attract with strength, low price, beautiful appearance and are used in areas where the use of other materials is not always appropriate.

In the manufacture of plastic products “VEGA-Ryazan” uses raw materials of high quality, as well as polymers having excellent consumer and technical characteristics. And to give their products the necessary strength properties and various geometrical shapes they use specialized supplements.

“VEGA-Ryazan” is constantly working on improving and introduction of new technologies. Thanks to the advanced technology of plastic products molding using the latest injection molding machines it is possible to obtain high quality products with excellent aesthetic properties, as well as to avoid defective items.

Our company has extensive experience in the production of components for the automotive industry (bodies headlamp units and their components, components for tail lights, fog light body for different domestic and foreign cars, etc.). The organization also produces plastic parts with embedded elements (fastening, contacts), small glass (PMMA, PC), products for roofing and construction, components for permanent formwork, etc. The enterprise has plants for the treatment of polycarbonate and polymethylmethacrylate of any color, as well as different types of press materials, phenolics.

Our skilled workers control manufactured products in each production phase, ensuring its high quality. The company takes orders for manufacture of large and small-scale batches, executes them in accordance with the technical assignment, has a full set of necessary equipment and always respect the terms stipulated in the contract.