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Mold making

     “VEGA-Ryazan” has been designg and manufacturing the equipment for molding plastic products for a long time. The company uses high-tech equipment and our staff have considerable experience in the design of model equipment of any complexity level for machine molding.

Our company posesses its own production, which made it possible to reduce the design time and production of finished products, to improve the marketability and reduce its cost. Technical equipment of the company allows to produce small and large parties of the foundry products according to the customer’s drawings in the shortest possible time.

“VEGA-Ryazan” provides customers with the following services:

- develops its own technical documentation or works on the basis of the submitted technical assignment;

- develops and designs equipment;

- approves the draft;

- sign acts on the manufactured equipment samples;

- performs completion and modernization of the production, if necessary;

- developing 3D models of the casting;

- warrants its products, etc.

Equipment is designed by the experienced professionals of our company who are comprehensively analyzing the design and testing its performance at the stage of design. Competently made technological equipment ensures high quality of the products. Company will make equipment of high quality and reasonable price on any customer’s request.